Invasive Breast Cancer

Treatment and Prognosis

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How is Invasive Breast Cancer Treated?

Treatment of Invasive Breast Cancer depends on the stage of the cancer, the size of the tumor, metastasis, if any and hormone positivity of the tumor. The general health condition of the patient is also taken into consideration.

Staging of the cancer need sto be done accurately by different methods- ultrasound, biopsy, CT scan, MRI or PET scan.

Treatment may be local or systemic:

Treatment Options of Breast Cancer
Treatment Options of Breast Cancer

Treatment Options according to the Stage of the Cancer

Stages I, II and III and operable stage III - Treatment consists of one of the following:

Stage IIIB and inoperable stage IIIC breast cancer - Treatment options are :

Stage IV or metastatic breast cancer - Treatment include the following:

Prognosis of Invasive Breast Cancer

Prognosis of breast cancer not only depends on the stage of the disease but also on other factors like the age at diagnosis, size and spread of the tumor, general health of the patient, on whether the tumor is hormone positive or negative and a number of other factors.

The 5 Year Survival Rate by Stage

5 year Survival rates
Stage 0 100%
Stage I 100%
Stage II > 93
Stage III > 72 %
Stage IV > 22 %

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